Herman Cummings Challenges the Universe

As you know, Herman Cummings describes himself as “the leading expert on the book of Genesis.” He’s the author (using the pen-name “Ephriam”) of Moses Didn’t Write About Creation! We’ve been writing for quite some time about Herman’s struggle to have his vision recognized, and it seemed that he had run out of potential debate opponents. Everyone had refused to even consider his arguments.

Then, a few weeks ago, Herman published again and surprised us by the scope of his intended audience. We named our last post The Ultimate Challenge. We chose that title because our post was about Herman’s ”Indigenous Galactic Network Challenge” to the Local Group — the modestly named cluster of about 30 galaxies which includes our own.

We were fairly certain that we wouldn’t live long enough to learn of a response from within this galaxy; and even the sun wouldn’t live long enough for responses from our neighboring galaxies — so we thought we had seen the last of Herman’s challenges. But we were wrong. Herman has now outdone himself. The challenge about which we wrote in our last post wasn’t the ultimate. In retrospect, it should have been titled “The Penultimate Challenge.”

For his latest message, Herman has found another website to function as his host. This one is named ThyBlackMan, which says this in their About Us page:

This blog was created to unite black men and remind us of our brotherhood and value as men in this society. This blog is for all black men, regardless of your vocation in life.

Herman’s latest is The Truth of Genesis: A Challenge to the Pope! Don’t be misled by the title — this is meant for a far wider audience than the Pope in Rome. Herman’s essay begins by recounting some of his earlier challenges — to creationists (all types), to evolutionists, to La Sierra University, and to the Jews. Everyone ignored him. Well, there was this:

I got one response…, from a rabbi who said to “take me off your mailing list”.

Then Herman pauses to reflect on how things have been going. The bold font was added by us:

So, who is there left to challenge? I’ve already written the White House, Congress, US Dept. of Education, every state Governor, state legislature, and state boards of education, along with state science education organizations. Let’s not forget the colleges, universities, seminaries, various local school boards, high schools, middle schools, churches, synagogues,…and the list goes on.

Indeed, who else was there? A lesser man would be discouraged and might even give up, but not Herman. Let’s read on:

So, now leaving the region of our “network of galaxies”, I offer this Universal Challenge!! The word “Catholic”, basically means universal. So it’s only fitting that the Vatican (the Pope) should be the object of this challenge.

What follows is Herman’s usual challenge to learn the truth of Genesis, as only he knows it, about which we’ve written before — but this time it’s addressed (via the Pope) to the entire universe!

With ThyBlackMan as his new internet platform, and his challenge having been issued to the largest possible audience, we should at last see some action. Herman can no longer be ignored!

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10 responses to “Herman Cummings Challenges the Universe

  1. What’s to say? I look forward to the comments that Cummings will make, if he’s still paying attention to us mere mortals any more.

  2. Tomato Addict

    Universe to Herman Cummings: Please take us off your mailing list.

  3. Yet again Mr Literalist wibbles his flummery…. man do these nuts never pack it in? Its like an annoying mosquito drone….

    Yes Herman “catholic” does come from the greek for “universal, but not when you spell it with a capital C. Then it becomes a proper noun for a member of the Catholic church… you dimwit.

    From the Cath version of the Nicene creed…

    “We believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church”… see SMALL c you twonk.

    Now…Im guessing by your ignorance of that, and the fact you are disobeying the old Papal Infallibility thing that means all Catholics must agree with evolution as Pope Nazi and his predecessor the patron saint of Kiddy Fiddlers both said they agree with evolution and a non literal reading of the Bible, that you are a Baptist/US Protestant?

    If so you need to understand something chummy. The rest of the Christian world does not agree with a literal reading of the Bible, and especially the Old Testament. Thats a phenomenon peculiar to the less well lit areas of the Christian world like the USA and Africa.

    But please….continue with your inter faith bitch fights, cos it makes my morning coffee a sunnier experience laughing my ass off at your arrogance stupidity, and insane grasp of reality.

  4. Just a wee nick-pick 🙂
    “and even the sun wouldn’t live long enough for responses from our neighboring galaxies ”
    The ‘Local Group’ is around 10 million LY in diameter, so even a two-way exchange from one end to the other would ‘only’ take 20 million years. The Sun is expected to last another 4-5 Billion years – enough for more than 200 such exchanges!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  5. Jim says: “Sorry, couldn’t resist”

    That’s okay. But maybe the other galaxies use dial-up service.

  6. I read the following response to this on another site: “But since this fella is the only one to send his “doctrine” to the Sanhedrin, and they failed to ridicule it (publically or privately), or find error, it must be something substantial.”
    Suppose the Pope accepts the challenge, views the presentation, and sees the error that theology has made? Will he announce a change in Catholic teachings?
    This article has been sent to Italian news sites in Italy, Europe, and the Vatican. Will he continue to avoid me, altogether? If so, a “Hypocrisy In High Places” article in in order. You should know I’ll gladly do it. He has 14 days from now to respond.

  7. Herman Cummings

    The Pope has failed to respond. An even bigger challenge is forthcoming.


  8. Herman Cummings says: “The Pope has failed to respond. ”

    That’s surprising. He’s usually pretty good about such things. Are you sure you sent it to the right email address?

  9. Herman Cummings

    Yes. Go to this site:

    You’ll find the Pope, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the Congregation for Religious email addresses. I wrote them three times.
    “Hypocrites in High Places”. The compost is about to hit the fan….


  10. aselfishpoet

    no herman, [trash edited out]

    and the holey father did not fail to contact you, he succeeded in ignoring you