Herman Cummings Is Making Progress

We have some news about Herman Cummings, who describes himself as “the leading expert on the book of Genesis.” He’s the author (using the pen-name “Ephriam”) of Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!

We have diligently reported on his long struggle for recognition (those posts are in our list of Self-Published Geniuses), including the numerous intellectual challenges he’s issued — all of which have been ignored. Yet he perseveres.

Herman’s latest article is The Truth of Genesis: Teach the Truth of Genesis (Not Creationism) in Public Schools, posted at the website iNewp — the People’s Press. It tells of a new development in Herman’s continuing efforts to inform the world about Genesis. Herman begins with this introductory paragraph:

The below letter was sent to each of the state legislators listed in the “Roll Call”. Only one of them (from Colorado) even bothered to respond, and asked for the sample presentation. To you voters in all of the other states, I recommend that you don’t re-elect such foolishness.

He got a response. That’s big news! Usually, the uncaring world takes no notice of Herman — except for one reply he got a couple of years ago, asking to be taken off his mailing list. But this time he hit the bull’s eye — in Colorado. Here are a few excerpts from the letter he sent, with bold font added by us.

I am writing to you, because you all share a common trait…, that being that you sponsored a losing law bill, that would not have helped the students in any way. I’ve written to many of you before, but most of you refuse to be wise, and accept the truth. Creationism bills will not pass, and “critical thinking” bills are worthless. Just look at Louisiana!!

I ask again. In almost five years, nothing has changed in Louisiana. The students are still only being taught Atheism, and not anything of the truth of Genesis. Why is that? It’s because from the Governor, on down to every school board, they all refused to respond to me, concerning teaching the “Observations of Moses”, which is the ONLY correct opposing view to evolution. Everything else is false (old Earth) and foolish (young Earth) doctrine, which does not teach the truth of pre-historic history, and the origins of Earth and mankind.

See? Even if a state passes a creationism bill, they still don’t teach The Truth, because only Herman knows the true meaning of Genesis. Let’s read on:

Let me announce the Roll Call of Ignorance:

Then he lists all the sponsors and co-sponsors of creationism bills in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. We’ve published most of those names in our earlier reporting on such legislative efforts, and so have our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). Herman is telling those legislators that they’re doing it all wrong. His letter continues:

What did you think you would accomplish? You are not helping the students!! What you are doing is giving the humanists something to laugh at (such as the NCSE), and appearing as fools to many of your constituents, hampering your re-election efforts…, just because you refuse to sponsor a bill that would teach the truth of Genesis, namely the “Observations of Moses”(OM), along side of evolution.

Yes, those legislators are fools! Not because they sponsor creationist legislation, but because they ignore Herman’s version of Genesis. Here’s more:

By sponsoring OM [the Observations of Moses], the National Center for Science Education would start “shaking in their boots”. They know who I am, and have been observing me for about ten years. As long as you don’t start sponsoring the truth of Genesis, they will be happy. Is that what you want? Do you want to keep dancing to the tune of the clowns at Discovery Institute? Or do you want to stop the monopoly of evolution in public schools? Without offering something with “teeth”, your efforts are a yearly waste of time, and a subject of scorn.

Herman is aware that the creationist legislators are “dancing to the tune of the clowns at Discovery Institute.” Then he urges them to look at his PowerPoint presentation, and he finishes his letter with this:

It is because of Atheism that we now are having the “Marriage Case” heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. I submitted a brief, but it may not get read.

Herman submitted a brief to the Supreme Court? That probably stirred things up. Anyway, the big news here is that one of Colorado’s creationist legislators actually responded to Herman. Whoever that is, he’s not content to be a lackey of the Discoveroids — he wants to know more about Genesis. We’d love to know who that guy is. Perhaps Herman will drop in to tell us.

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10 responses to “Herman Cummings Is Making Progress

  1. I like Herman. He doesn’t waste his time with the Answers in Genesis crowd or bother with the Discovery Institute crap, because he has it all figured out for himself. He’s an original, and that kind of genius just doesn’t grow on shower curtains.

  2. I’m with Tomato Addict on this, and count myself a big, big fan of the redoubtable Herman Cummings.

    I don’t think the world witnessed such extraordinary perseverance against all odds since the presidential campaigns of Norman Thomas.

    May Saint Jude bless and keep you, Herman!

  3. OT but urgent: at 2pm tomorrow, April 16 Answers in Genesis will hold a live chat at Facebook about AIG’s marvelous Super-fast Ice-Age Timeline and Map (which has the Ice Age lasting from about ~2220 to ~2115 BC, and all recorded human civilization post-2100 BC). I predict that any pointed questions they receive will be deleted quickly and permanently, so if you want some entertainment you will have to monitor it live. You may want to copy and archive any choice questions they receive before they’re deleted.

  4. A timely tip indeed, Diogenes. Peer-reviewed creation science on Facebook.

  5. @Diogenes: That’s 2 PM EST, Yes?

  6. @TA: More likely Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

  7. On AIG’s FB page it just says 2pm EST.

  8. Errata- I meant ET not EST. Check their FB page.

  9. Yay, I get to be banned from another creationist Facebook page.

  10. Live Chat Epilogue: The live chat was a bit of a bust. The organizer didn’t show up, or delegated to someone who was not particularly well prepared. Diogenes and I managed to have a bit of fun anyway.