Ken Ham Is Under Attack — Send Money!

This is about an important post by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo to us), which appears in his personal blog at the website of his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG). As you know, ol’ Hambo is the entrepreneur behind the infamous Creation Museum — which has become the North American Mecca for the mindless.

And that’s not all. Hambo is also about halfway toward raising the millions he needs for his proposed Ark Encounter — a full-sized (but landlocked) replica of Noah’s Ark. Hambo’s works are mighty and he is surely one of the holiest men on the planet, so his words are worthy of respect.

Hambo’s urgent post is Another Attack on Christianity. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Steve Jones is a geneticist and former head of the department of genetics, evolution, and environment at University College London. He is a television presenter and author on the subjects of biology and evolution, and he has a new book out titled The Serpent’s Promise: The Bible Retold as Promise. This book is another atheist attack on Christianity.

Egad — an attack! Jones must be a horrible man! You can judge for yourself after you read about him at Wikipedia. Hey — here’s a link to his book at Amazon: The Serpent’s Promise. Okay, more from Hambo:

Many years ago when I was speaking in the United Kingdom, I had an interesting encounter with Steve Jones. I was interviewed by BBC television on a program that had three other people opposing me, including Jones. At one point in the interview I asked Jones to give the BBC television audience his best evidence for evolution. He then talked about fish, citing a new species of salmon. I then said something like, “But they are still Salmon.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s read on:

Now, Jones’s book The Serpent’s Promise was reviewed by a writer for the Guardian, a UK newspaper. The review is itself a shocking attack on Christianity. Below are some excerpts:

We don’t want to stain these cyber pages with blasphemy, so we’ll skip Hambo’s excerpts, but you can read the review here: The Serpent’s Promise by Steve Jones. Hambo, probably trembling with righteous rage, continues:

More and more, we are seeing atheists focused on attacking the Bible and Christianity. They have no new arguments. These atheists just continue to mock as they spend so much time fighting against someone (i.e., God) they don’t even believe exists. Ultimately they are fighting for a meaningless existence.

Calm down, Hambo — it’s only a book review. You’ll give yourself a stroke. Here’s more:

Notice, too, how often they concentrate on mocking Genesis.

Well, you gotta admit, it’s an easy target. But Hambo doesn’t think so. He says:

I would suggest that’s because they know that it is the foundational book of the Bible — foundational to the gospel and to all Christian doctrine.

If the literal accuracy of Genesis is Hambo’s theological foundation, we can understand the desperate nature of his mission and his continuous outrage. Here’s the end:

They also know that if this history is true (and it is), then they are sinners in need of salvation — and this truth is what they’re rebelling against.

Wow! We hope Hambo’s replica of Noah’s Ark gets built before it’s too late. Oh, as for the “Send Money” part of our title, that was merely our suggestion. Hambo is too subtle to openly appeal for funds — at least not this time — but his website thoughtfully offers convenient links you can click on if you want to make a contribution. Seriously, dear reader, can you think of a worthier cause?

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7 responses to “Ken Ham Is Under Attack — Send Money!

  1. Ultimately they are fighting for a meaningless existence.

    Actually, Ham, fighting to free other human beings from self imposed slavery to an imaginary god is a rather meaningful existence.

  2. A quick search of Amazon says the book is out of print and not currently available, though Jones would like to make it so through Amazon. Also, apparently Ham has the title wrong. The real title of the books is “The Serpent’s Promise: The Bible Retold as Science,” so it’s understandable how Ham would be madly twirling the propeller on his beany cap.

  3. The whole truth

    hambo says:

    “More and more, we are seeing atheists focused on attacking the Bible and Christianity. They have no new arguments.”

    Why would atheists need any “new arguments” against the same old crap?

  4. Yeah, we don’t need new arguments till they effectively refute the ones we have now. They haven’t, so why should we provide new arguments? we have history, archaeology, Evolution, chemistry, biology, and all other sciences, including biblical study on our side. they have one book, thoroughly debunked. case rested.

  5. In the prehistorical books of Genesis, that Hambo likes to cling to, 1-11 “You shall be as gods” along with “you won’t die if you eat that” are about the only things that ARE true. They are both quotes of Satan. Those two along with “Ham is cursed” Genesis 9:1. I’m sure it suggests a curse like servitude, but if I may suggest another interpretation of building a stupid land locked ark exhibit and wearing a laugh inducing beard.

  6. Ham seems to be regressing. His posts are becoming more defensive and childish, whilst repeating the same bilge time after time. The man is a complete dope.

  7. Techreseller

    We need more book reviews like this in the United States. New York Times. Washington Post, LA Times. Boston Globe. Are you listening?
    Funny review, got to the point and treated the reader as intelligent.