Klinghoffer: Scientists Praise Axe’s New Book

You’ve heard about the new book the Discovery Institute is promoting. We wrote about it a couple of months ago in Klinghoffer Gushes over Book by Douglas Axe.

The Discoveroids’ promotion continues in a new post at their creationist blog: Axe and Undeniable — What the Scientists Are Saying. [*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] This should be good!

It was written by David Klinghoffer, a Discoveroid “senior fellow” (i.e., flaming, full-blown creationist), who eagerly functions as their journalistic slasher and poo flinger. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed was published yesterday by HarperOne. What do scientists say about this remarkable new book by Biologic Institute protein chemist Douglas Axe, demonstrating the scientific validity of the “design intuition”? The comments are coming in and they are excellent.

[*Begin Drool Mode*] Ooooooooooooh! [*End Drool Mode*] The comments from scientists are excellent! Who are the scientists making such comments? Klinghoffer gives us comments from three of them, and here they are:

From biochemist Michael J. Behe

We’ll omit Behe’s comment. You already know that Michael Behe is a Discovery Institute Senior Fellow. He’s also a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University. His colleagues at Lehigh are so impressed by his brilliance that they publicly disassociated themselves from him by issuing this statement: Department Position on Evolution and “Intelligent Design”.

Let’s read on to learn who made the next “excellent” comment about Axe’s book. Klinghoffer says:

From Marcos Eberlin, Professor of Chemistry at Brazil’s University of Campinas, and a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences: …

We’ll skip his comment too. Why? Because after Googling around on his name, we learned that he’s the author of this book: Life and the Universe by Intelligent Design. Klinghoffer continues:

From J. Scott Turner, Professor of Biology, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry: …

We’re going to skip that too. Why? Because that guy has previously been praised — by Casey! — at the Discoveroids’ blog — see Pro-Darwin Biology Professor Laments Academia’s “Intolerance” and Supports Teaching Intelligent Design. Casey wrote:

Turner sees the Kitzmiller v. Dover case as the dangerous real-world expression of the intolerance common in the academy: “My blood chills … when these essentially harmless hypocrisies are joined with the all-American tradition of litigiousness, for it is in the hand of courts and lawyers that real damage to cherished academic ideas is likely to be done.”

Those are the only scientists Klinghoffer mentions. Very impressive! He ends his post with this:

Much more to come. Congratulations, Dr. Axe! Undeniable offers every thoughtful reader the tools to confirm the reality of intelligent design. Get it now!

Yeah — get it now. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

See also: Klinghoffer: More Scientists Praise Axe’s Book.

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11 responses to “Klinghoffer: Scientists Praise Axe’s New Book

  1. The ID types have a habit of effusing over some publication that they think supports their views. It’s interesting that one of two actions always results: either the item in question is shot down by real authorities or it disappears without a ripple. They never lose heart – I guess that goes with their rationalization over the result of the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial. They still don’t seem to realize what hit them in the court room

  2. docbill1351

    The only thing that is undeniable is that Axe’s book is an unremarkable pile of [edited out]. A rehash of old hash. Scientists praise Axe? Well, if you eliminate the creationists that number is ZERO.

    As for Turner, he’s been around for a long time and he hasn’t learned a jot about ID in spite of all his blathering on the subject. Turner blabs on how ID should be discussed on “its merits” but in a decade of blabbing has never listed a single merit to discuss. He’s basically an empty suit, ID cheerleader, but that’s it. Doesn’t even rate an entry as an American Loon! Turner also eked out a grant from the Templeton Foundation that tells you something right there.

    But, you know, the Tooters will embrace anybody who endorses their work, even the Attack Gerbil’s mother! (that was classic.)

  3. Pete Moulton

    I must’ve missed that about Gerb’s mother, Doc. Could you please provide a reference or link? I need a good laugh.

  4. docbill1351

    Yeah, but I’m not responsible for, well, anything that might happen to you.

    Go to Amazon and look up Luskin’s “book” – a book and workbook, I think, called “Discovering Intelligent Design.” (Arrrrrrgggggghhhh, you made me type that out!). Look at the 5-star reviews and there is Loretta Luskin aka Mama Gerbil.

    Ha, that trip down memory lane reminded me that the Gerb’s two “co-authors” were a couple of homeschoolers with no relevant academic background. Well, neither does the Gerb so it’s all good!

  5. “HarperOne is committed to publishing the most important books across the full spectrum of religion, spirituality, health, personal growth, social change, relationships, and creativity, adding to the wealth of the world’s wisdom by stirring the waters of reflection on the primary questions of life and inspiring readers to make change, both inside and out.”

    Yes, that well known religious publisher who accepts creationist books for publication. So far it has garnered 5 reviews on Amazon, 5* (3), 3* (1), and 1* (1). Must have impressed a lot of people.

    Per Axe: “Axe argues that the key to understanding our origin is the “design intuition”—the innate belief held by all humans that tasks we would need knowledge to accomplish can only be accomplished by someone who has that knowledge. For the ingenious task of inventing life, this knower can only be God.” ID in a nutshell, and here his acknowledgement of god becomes publicly visible.

  6. Eric Lipps

    One should ask Dr. Axe whether “the innate belief held by all humans” (at least until they learn better) that the earth is flat and stationary at the center of the universe should ALSO be respected.

  7. docbill1351

    More trips down memory lane! I remember reading via Amazon’s Inside feature about butterfly metamorphosis being a Great Mystery, Oogity Boogity and all that – and an unattributed quotation that said it’s a “Great Mystery.” So, I Googled the quote and guess what? Found the source at a biologist’s blog out of Australia. Found the exact quote. Turns out the Gerb lifted the entire discussion on the evolution of metamorphosis directly from the blog, changing only a few words and, of course, omitting the conclusion that the evolution of metamorphosis was well-documented and not so much a “Great Mystery” after all. I contacted the original author and he said that creationists do that to him all the time and really didn’t care, so that was that.

  8. Reviews are about as credible as the following reviews of Mein Kampf:

    Der Author…ein schvell fellah – H. Goering
    Ja, Und zuch a schnappy dresser alzo! – H. Himmler
    He ist ein kuhl dued! – J. Goebbels
    I had no choice but to love his buch – Johannes Q. Deutcher

  9. I didn’t know there was a university in Campinas! I spent a couple of weeks there as a young man. Stayed in the first Holiday Inn in South America – or so they claimed. It was certainly first in the size of it’s roaches. The morning routine including shaking them out of one’s shoes before putting them on, else you find that you have odd bumps under your socks when you stand up. They don’t crush either – they will survive until you free them. It was particularly exciting when they crawled up the shower wall – made for very short rinses.

    Other than that, Campinas was a nice little town. I worked in nearby Limeira which, in the 70’s at least, did not have a hotel. Interestingly, there was a nearby community of descendants of Confederate refugees who, no kidding, fled to Brazil after the civil war. Seems like a fitting place for a creationist professor. They’re a little more sophisticated in Sao Paulo.

  10. Design intuition? I always thaught ID was about design inference without a premise of any designer.

  11. Pete Moulton

    Thanks, Doc! You know things are tough when you have to solicit five-star reviews from your mom. LOL