Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part IX

It is indicative of the intellectual vacuum at the Discovery Institute that they always return to their outrageous Darwin-Hitler claim — which we debunked in the early days of this humble blog — see Hitler and Darwin. Hitler never read or even mentioned Darwin. Not long after that we showed that the WWII leader who actually did read Darwin wasn’t Hitler, it was Winston Churchill.

Nevertheless, the Discoveroid propaganda campaign has never stopped. The last time we wrote about one of their Darwin-Hitler posts was almost two years ago: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part VIII. We’ll repeat what we said at the start of that one:

You know what the Discoveroids have been saying: No Darwin, No Hitler. That is, without Darwin and his theory of evolution, there would have been nothing like Hitler. It’s just that simple. And just that stupid. But you can’t blame them. Were it not for their bizarre Hitler claim, all they’d have is their “scientific” arguments for intelligent design. One is a god of the gaps argument. The other is William Paley’s watchmaker analogy — which was popular in the days before Darwin.

They’ve had a few Hitler posts since then, but we’ve ignored them. Now they’re at it again. The latest post at their creationist blog is The Rest of the Story — Eugenics, Racism, Darwinism. It was written by Sarah Chaffee (whom we call “Savvy Sarah”). We’ll give you some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis.

She begins by discussing an article by Jason Jones and John Zmirak, of whom we know nothing, about Margaret Sanger and eugenics. Despite their implications, with which Savvy Sarah readily agrees, Darwin’s work had nothing to do with eugenics — see Racism, Eugenics, and Darwin. Nevertheless, Savvy Sarah points out that Sanger and her movement thought:

… they were genetically superior to the rest of the human race, [and] found in Charles Darwin’s theories an ideal pretext and a program: to take the survival of the fittest and make it happen faster, by stopping the “unfit” from breeding. … Instead of seeing the poor as victims of injustice or targets for Christian charity, the materialism these elitists took from Darwin assured them that the poor were themselves the problem — that they were inferior, deficient and dangerous down to the marrow of their bones.

Aha — Sanger and her gang imagined that they were Darwin’s chosen people. Then Savvy Sarah says:

Jones and Zmirak bring up some harrowing examples, among them the observation that Sanger’s friend Lothrop Stoddard was a leader in the Massachusetts Klu Klux Klan and wrote a book Hitler called his “bible.”

Even more evidence! Hitler allegedly liked a book by Sanger’s friend, who was a Klansman, and this too is Darwin’s fault. After that she tells us of yet another Darwin-Hitler connection:

A speaker Sanger invited to a population conference, Eugen Fisher, had operated a concentration camp in Africa imprisoning natives. Jones and Zimrak note, “It was Fischer’s book on eugenics, which Hitler had read in prison, that convinced Hitler of its central importance.”

All of this convinces Savvy Sarah that the Darwin-Hitler connection is iron clad. Nevertheless, she dimly senses that not many agree, so she ends her brilliant post with this:

They say that history is written by the victors. With evolutionary theory holding sway in the media and academia, it’s little wonder we rarely hear about these connections and events.

So not only was Darwin the inspiration for Sanger, her Klansman friend, and of course Hitler, but the global evolutionist conspiracy has kept this a secret. Now that the Discoveroids have figured it all out, maybe Darwin will be banned from our schools, in recognition of the evil his theory has wrought.

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17 responses to “Discovery Institute: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Part IX

  1. Savvy Sarah should be amended to cut ‘n’ paste Sarah since she has not an original thought in her doltish head. Sad, really. A far cry from the Attack Gerbil who could at least take his pick and shovel out into the Real World and do a hard day’s work of quote mining.

  2. I have never understood the argument that Natural Selection means that without human intervention, the unfit would out-survive the fit.

    The creationists today are telling us that they fully accept microevolution within a kind (for example “mankind”).
    … That without intelligent design, nature could only lead to loss of good qualities, complexity, information; increase in entropy.
    ….And they accuse the Darwinists of promoting the idea that there should be action taken to stop the tendency to degeneration.

  3. I agree, Doc. Sarah’s vacuity makes me long for the intellectual heft of a certain attack gerbil. The ‘tute sure has fallen on hard times since he left…

  4. Yeah, it’s gonna be a great Kitzmas this year!

  5. Whether Hitler or anyone else was aware of Darwin’s ideas has nothing to do with whether evolution is true. Reality exists whether we believe it or not.

    Even the DI must realize this simple truth.

  6. Ed, you make a grave mistake by using the words ID and truth in one sentence without a negative.

  7. @ TomS: Nailed it.

    The repugnant premises of the eugenicists–and their roots go back to Plato–are fully in accord with the notions of ‘intelligent design’, not natural selection.

  8. Remember that 1848 hymn to creation (it is consistent with Paley’s Natural Theology) “All Things Bright And Beautiful”, with this verse:
    The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them high and lowly,
    And ordered their estate.

    Let me make it clear that I am not accusing creationism of anything. Such ideas were commonplace for many centuries.

  9. Strange people the DI !! evilution is change thru random mutation guided by natural environment. eugenics is intelligent design. So why is the Discotute against eugenics???

  10. L.Long asks

    Strange people the DI !! evilution is change thru random mutation guided by natural environment. eugenics is intelligent design. So why is the Discotute against eugenics???

    Because for people to practice ‘eugenics’ is ‘playing God’, and that pisses Yahweh off–only he/she/it is allowed to do that. What was wiping out most of humanity in a global flood if not eugenics?

    It’s important we know our place and trust to the Almighty. And that does indeed bring results, at least according to the DI, which recently posted “There Is Intelligent Design of American History”

  11. I am not going to accuse ID of being responsible for any of those various social-political movements of the early 20th century.

  12. Charles Deetz ;)

    From Megalonyx’s link
    “meaning a “pattern of happy accidents” not plausibly explained in any other way. ”
    Now that is a digestible, if not sad, definition of ID.

  13. And “not plausibly explained by any other way” does not mean “ID is an explanation.”

  14. SO the Discotute are speciests!!! It is bad to do selective breeding and killing of undesired people but it is just fine to do so to plants!!

  15. Hitler used aircraft to drop bombs that killed people. Just another mark against OrvilleandWilburWrightism.

  16. Eugenicists argued that “unfit” people — by whom they meant stupid, swarthy, lower-class people — tended to have more children than “fit” people — blond, blue-eyed, upper-class people — and so would outbreed them into extinction if not for human action did not come from Darwin but rather from T. H. Huxley and Herbert Spencer, and in any event had antecedents in pre-Darwinian times based on livestock breeding. Darwin did not contribute to that line of thought. In any case Darwinian “fitness” is defined not by the number of offspring produced but by the number who survive and have offspring of their own. (An indestructible, immortal, but sterile individual would be “unfit” in the Darwinian sense.)

    On the other hand, Christians in the late medieval period and afterward were perfectly happy to exterminate non-Christian “natives” in Africa, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania — in the last of which British colonists actually organized hunting parties to kill natives for sport. They didn’t need Darwin or eugenics for that–they got along quite nicely on the basis of beliefs that God had made these people less than fully human or that they had degenerated under Satan’s influence.

  17. If we define fitness by the number of offspring, then those who the eugenist don’t like, who are out-reproducing the likeables – those are more fit. I