High-Altitude Mouse Proves Creationism

We found something brilliant at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom. Their new post is titled Record-Breaking Mouse, Higher Than Any Mammal.

It was written by James J. S. Johnson, J.D., TH.D. He has two middle initials, which is very classy, and he not only has a law degree, but he’s also a Doctor of Theology. He’s described at the end as “Associate Professor of Apologetics and Chief Academic Officer at the Institute for Creation Research.” Here are some excerpts from his post, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Recently, researchers have reported on the world’s “highest-dwelling mammal,” the yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse, observed upon a dormant volcano 6,739 meters (22,110 feet) above sea level. While the discovery of birds at greater altitudes is not surprising, “that mammals can live at these heights is astonishing, considering there’s only about 44 percent of the oxygen available at sea level. . . . The temperature is also rarely above freezing and can drop as low as –60° Celsius.”

Jimmy was quoting from this article in Science News: A South American mouse is the world’s highest-dwelling mammal. If you prefer PhysOrg, they have an article on this mouse from back in March: Biologist discovers world’s highest-elevation mammal. Then Jimmy Johnson says:

At a record-breaking altitude for any wild mammal, the mouse was seen “scurrying across a snowfield at 6,205 m above sea level” in one video-recorded observation. Yet, this high-elevation rodent is flexible enough to also live at sea level; that’s adaptability in the extreme — fitted to “fill” many habitats!

What can a creation scientist do with this discovery? Brace yourself, dear reader. Jimmy Johnson tells us:

Once again, scientists are surprised at how well animals — even humble, little mice — are fitted to fill this present world. And it is incredible that some animals, both birds and mammals, can live at dizzying heights without passing out from the thin air. Yet Bible-believing Christians should not be surprised when God enables creatures to do amazing things.

Scientists (presumably Darwinists) are surprised by this mouse, but creationists aren’t surprised. Why? He explains:

One mammal mentioned in Scripture and known for habituating high elevations is the mountain goat, one variety of which is the Nubian ibex. Another high-altitude creature is the marmot-like “rock badger” (a rock hyrax, also referred to as the “coney”) mentioned in Psalm 104:18, which says, “The high hills are for the wild goats; the cliffs are a refuge for the rock badgers

Ooooooooooooh! The bible predicts stuff like this high-altitude mouse. That’s why creationists were expecting it. Jimmy continues:

Since the renewed Genesis Mandate (Genesis 9:1-7) [The what?] applies to all animals “filling the earth,” which includes great variety in geography and biome habitats, we can find some creatures that He fitted to live at high elevations.

We looked it up — the “renewed mandate” refers to after the Flood, when Noah and his sons were told to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.” Let’s read on:

Even though this world is fallen, it is nonetheless “filled” with God’s creatures, from sea level to some of the globe’s highest elevations. This is no accident.

Feeling foolish, dear reader? If you knew more about the bible, you would have expected that mouse to be living where it is. And now we come to the end of Jimmy Johnson’s post:

The phrase “natural selection” explains neither the biodiversity nor the biome ecology involved because “nature” didn’t “select” anything. [He’s right!] Luck (i.e., random natural processes) did not equip yellow-rumped leaf-eared mice to live at such extreme habitats; this is God’s providence on display — for those who have the eyes to see it.

Natural selection is a joke. Only the bible predicts this mouse, and you, dear reader, are a Darwinist fool!

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12 responses to “High-Altitude Mouse Proves Creationism

  1. Yes, the world is fit for varieties of life. The world, including the laws of thermodynamics, is fit for life.

  2. Michael Fugate

    Just like God selected that one sperm cell of the billions in the Jimmy’s dad’s ejaculate on that fateful night Jimmy was conceived. It was God’s providence that gave us Jimmy. It is on display for all to see that God chose a sycophant over someone with a brain…

  3. @Michael Fugate
    And then there are the cases where the one sperm and one egg result in identical twins.
    Or where two sperm and two eggs merge into one individual, a chimera.

  4. Michael Fugate

    If God is in charge, then observation tells us God relishes waste and death and needs to take responsibility.

  5. It is difficult to say what is favored in the natural word. Most of space sees to be expty. And there is change. Ycuj

  6. chris schilling

    Gee, maybe if I attained a law degree and combined it with a doctorate in theology, I too could come out with the sort of idiotic thinking that equates adaptations through natural selection with sheer “luck.”

  7. “Yet Bible-believing Christians should not be surprised …..”
    Exactly. They never should, not even when 1 + 1 equals 3.

  8. @Frank B
    Should they be surprised if life should be found on Mars, Venus, or elsewhere?

  9. Again chrisANALs demo st00pidity. something new is found & chrisANALs say GAWD DID IT and then dismiss it, & knowledge decreases. Science says cool, now what can we discover about these critters!!! And knowledge is increased.

  10. No, why would they? It will declare the Glory of their God just fine. Some christian smart[bleep!] will always find a way to interpret the Bible in such a way that that book a posteriori will have predicted it.
    Compare racism. For earlier creationists like William Jennings Bryan and Henry M Morris their favourite Holy Book proved their racist vews. Still since a few decades creationists maintain that creationism is inherently antiracist, while ‘Darwinism’ is racist. Try to corner them and they first will deny it; if no other options are left they will point out that creationism is capable of making scientific progress – like physicists don’t accept geocentrism anymore.
    There is a reason some of their outfits are called Logos.nl and Biologos. Like the ancient Greeks creationists (and unfortunately they are not the only ones) maintain that the TRVTH can be revealed by sheer thinking power. They also, like Aristoteles of Stachyra and Thomas of Aquino, maintain that teleology is a sound epistemological principle. The synthesis is arguing for a predetermined conclusion, which according to psychology fits the human mind perfectly.
    With this ‘method’ they can’t go wrong. Hence they can always claim that “Bible-believing Christians should not be surprised”.

    As Ary and Tommy were highly intelligent and influential all this not only applies to creationists, but eg also to many unbelievers. It’s easy to guess which two examples on which topics I have in mind right now; I’ll add Jesusmythology.

  11. I have a little story about what happened recently concerning an issue other than creationism-evolution. I’ll refer to it as X, so as not get into an off-topic argument here. Joe, acquaintance in my circle, passed around something from the net. Very Famous Persin was quoted as supporting X in grand terms. I did a net search, and found several fact checking sites which debunked it. I chose one which said that they got in touch with the Famous Person who said that it was an “invention”, and I gave it to Joe, without comment.
    Next day, Joe responded. He did not have anything to say about X or Famous Person. He only asked whether I did a fact check on everything that I saw on television channel ???.
    I did not respond. I did not point out that I tend to fact check, and that I don’t have a TV.
    I wonder, though, was he telling me that it is common practice to accept, without checking, what one sees on TV? If so, that would help me to understand why so many people believe odd things.

  12. TomS – In Joe’s world, it’s common practice to accept without checking what they see on Facebook, never mind TV.