Herman Cummings, Genesis Genius — Again!

Our weekend happiness is now complete, because we have found another essay by Herman Cummings. It’s been almost a year since we wrote Herman Cummings, Genesis Genius: He’s Back!

Cummings modestly describes himself as world’s greatest expert on Genesis. Not only that, but if you want to teach creationism in public schools, he’s the man who knows how to beat the ACLU in court. We have described him as an intellectual rival to Gene Ray, author of The Time Cube. Alas, although Herman endlessly offers his services to those who need them, no one ever seems to pay him any attention. But we do, because your Curmudgeon has a fondness for promoters of lost causes.

We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Living in a Land that Loves a Lie, which appears at a website called iNewp — the People’s Press. We know nothing about them, but if they’ve published an article by Herman, and that’s good enough. Here we go, with bold font was added by us:

I read most all available books in the library on prehistoric man, cosmology, geology, evolution, Big Bang, and biblical creation. I was especially disappointed in the creation books. It was obvious that the authors were“grasping for straws” and did not understand the Genesis text themselves. I also began to read Genesis, over and over again to try to make sense of it. This went on until February 1991, when I got the revelation that Moses was not writing about Creation Week. I didn’t know “what” he was writing about, but I did more research based on that angle. It was then when I began writing the manuscript “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!”

Here’s the Amazon listing for Herman’s book: Moses Didn’t Write About Creation! Note that he uses the pen-name “Ephriam.” Let’s read on:

Other revelations came concerning other areas of Genesis, such as Jacob leaving home when he was 75 years old, and getting married when he was 83, in 2075 BC. The flood of Noah was in 2611 BC, and the Babel Tower incident (division of the continents) was in 2509 BC. But the seven days of Moses remained a mystery, until the Lord spoke nine words to me one night in December 1993. After going to the Carnegie Library to read a direct Hebrew to English translation, confirming what I had heard, I became the leading expert in the world (“foremost terrestrial authority”) on the book of Genesis.

We are not told what those nine words were, but they must have been incredibly inspiring. The article continues:

From 1994 through 2004, twelve seminars were given, (at two hotels and one convention center), in three different states. A total of nine people attended. Yes, the events were advertised in the local papers, radio stations, and leaflets handed out. Why is it that they were not largely attended? Maybe it’s because we’re living in a land that loves a lie.

Twelve seminars. Advertised. Leaflets handed out. And only nine people attended? A lesser man would have been discouraged, but not Herman. Here’s more:

Using the internet, I wrote to every creationist organization in the world that I could find at the time, trying to introduce the truth of Genesis. I recently have written Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis, the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) in San Diego (both of “young Earth”), the staff scholars of Reasons To Believe in California (Day/Age), and also the Discovery Institute (Intelligent Design) in Seattle Washington. I wrote each one, copying in each submission to the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), asking that we establish a “united front” against the ideology of evolution, and teach the truth of Genesis.

Amazing! And after all that effort, he’s still being ignored. Moving along:

Over 2300 Bible colleges/universities, and theological seminaries have refused to allow their students to see [Herman’s Powerpoint] presentation. Some used the excuse that I had not the “proper credentials”, or said that they “already teach the truth of Genesis”.

The fools! Another excerpt:

Also, every governor, state legislature, and state school board in the USA with a website has been contacted. Want to guess the results? For the past eight years, I have been trying to get a phone interview with the residing US Secretaries of Education, under Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama. I even tried to get my US Senators to assist me in that effort. They were of no help at all.

Herman’s efforts are truly heroic. On with the article:

Why is it that the truth of Genesis is blocked, and the falsehood of evolution has a monopoly in public schools, indoctrinating our children into the tenets of Atheism, supported by every state in America?


Why is it that of the more than 40 articles that have been written by this author only two in the last ten years have ever been published in a newspaper? They have been sent to every known major English paper around the world, but only one time in Billings Montana, and one time in Columbus Georgia, has an article been published. Therefore most all of the world has the wrong view of Genesis, and the news media favors commentary that promotes the theory of evolution. Why? It’s because we are living in a land that loves a lie.

Herman’s article is very long and you’ll want to read it all, so we’ll give you only one more excerpt:

Current creationism is not the correct opposing view of the evolution theory. Creationism is both false (old Earth), and foolish (young Earth). The correct view is the “Observations of Moses”, which gives another explanation of the 4.6 billion year geologic history of Earth, and explains the 600+ million year fossil record of death.


Why is it, in this day and age, nearly seventeen years after the correct interpretation was discovered, that the world in general still does not know the truth of Genesis? Why is it that the John Templeton Foundation gives an award to an author/biologist, who merely asked the question, and for three years has ignored the letters of the author/analyst, who earlier answered that very same question, reconciling Genesis with the discoveries of science? Guess what the answer is. It’s because we’re living in a land that loves a lie.

This is quite a story! As we have done before, we offer our Curmudgeonly advice to Herman: Stay the course! Persevere! Proclaim your message to one and all. Do this, and you shall have the reward you deserve.

Update: See Herman Cummings, Genesis Genius, Tells All!

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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19 responses to “Herman Cummings, Genesis Genius — Again!

  1. The best line is the Rabbi’s comment on his presentation – “I am still bewildered by the ideas, and am awed by your originality.”

    Notice he never gives out his secret. As Verne would say, “my tail is tingling”.

  2. Instead of remaining in the dark, you’d think that people would want to learn what God was really saying in Genesis. Why is it that the White House and Congress rush to inquire about the latest discovered life form, but neglect to inquire on the biblical discovery of prehistoric mankind, documented as being created in 64 Million BC?


  3. Good to see you, Herman. Keep up the good work!

  4. We are not told what those nine words were, but they must have been incredibly inspiring.

    “Tune in again next week, and Drink More Ovaltine.”

  5. Herman is the only Creationist I have much sympathy for, mainly because of the sheer pathos of him advertising his presentations and renting hotel conference rooms, and nobody showing up. I just imagine him looking out at the room filled with empty chairs, the water pitcher and glasses on the table by the wall remaining untouched, books and pamphlets on the literature table unsold, the hotel manager looking in the door and saying they have to start cleaning up in a few minutes… It’s just so heartbreakingly sad.

  6. Deklane says: “It’s just so heartbreakingly sad.”

    This must be endured. His ultimate triumph will be all the sweeter.

  7. Herman, I realize it’s a lost cause, but I would feel even worse if I did not at least try.
    I believe in God, but I don’t believe that the world and universe were created in the literal way the Bible stated. I never have; I never will. Frankly, you’ll have an easier time, as Steve Martin said, of sucking a piano into your lungs than you will of convincing me otherwise. While I can’t speak for the others on this board with respect to belief in a higher power, I feel fairly confident that you will also strike out with them on the whole issue of “the world was created by (insert higher power here)”.
    Good luck with your crusade against the other creationists. In that regard, I truly wish you well.

  8. Wasn’t sure where else to post this, and although I’m sure you have no lack of fodder from the world of creationists… check you DefendingGenesis.org sometime…

    Fellow ranks right up there with the rest of the creationuts.

  9. Herman Cummings: Instead of remaining in the dark, you’d think that people would want to learn what God was really saying in Genesis.

    Oh, we do! But just some constructive criticism, Herman: our education would go a lot faster if you spent less time telling us that you know the correct interpretation and more time actually describing the correct interpretation.

    Since God explained it to you in 9 words, I expect you can probably explain it to us in 20 or so.

  10. eric says:

    … our education would go a lot faster if you spent less time telling us that you know the correct interpretation and more time actually describing the correct interpretation.

    No, no, no! Don’t give Herman advice. You must ask for his wisdom.

  11. I think Amazon has revealed the 9 words!

    “mankind has been on Earth for… sixty million years”

  12. Here’s my guess:

    “Relativistic time dilation is the solution to the paradox.”

    God is pithy when he talks to Herman.

  13. SY says: “Here’s my guess”

    You’re all wrong. It’s this:
    Please change your underwear more often than monthly, Ephriam.

  14. “The two constants in every life are death and taxes.”

    Hmmm… or maybe since we’re talking about Genesis….

    “Women are trouble. Especially the naked ones bearing apples.”

  15. I’m no trouble!!!



  16. retiredsciguy

    LRA says, “I’m no trouble!!!”

    But are you naked, bearing apples?

  17. “Holy cow, look at the nice apples on her!”

    (@LRA- men are pigs, as if you didn’t know)

  18. retiredsciguy

    Hey, speak for yourself, SY. No pigs here. Horny toads, maybe, but no pigs.

  19. First– my grandmother likes to tell the following story about me:

    Apparently when I was little, I was a handful. My great-grandmother lived with my grandmother and grandfather, and my brother and I were being babysat by my grandparents. They decided to run to the store and bring me along. My grandfather asked my grandmother if my great-grandmother would be alright being left alone with my brother. My grandmother responded, “She’ll be fine. We brought the trouble with us.” I responded, “I’M NO TROUBLE!” I was only 3, and my grandmother thought I wouldn’t catch the reference.


    Second– I lived in west Texas until I was 10. Saw plenty of horny toads then. LOL!

    Third— No comment on the apples and neked stuff.