Ronda Storms: Creationist Queen of the Florida Senate

Ronda Storms
State Senator Ronda Storms (R).

It was Ronda’s bill, a copy of the pro-creationism “Teach the Controversy” nonsense promoted by the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, the intentionally misnamed Academic Freedom Act, that was passed on 23 April by the Florida Senate. 21 Senate creationists voted for the bill and 17 rational Senators voted against.

Through vigorous debates, during which she was repeatedly asked if her bill would permit the teaching of creationism or Intelligent Design, Ronda steadfastly ducked the issue. It is reported that once she outright lied (saying “no”), but she never admitted what everyone knew — that her bill’s purpose is to permit teachers in state-financed schools to teach the “science” of Genesis.

So now this embarrassing soap opera moves to the state House of Representatives. Stay tuned …

Addendum: See Ronda Storms: Her Most Rapturous Moment.

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